2.2.3 IP-Ranges


The "IP ranges" page lists all created IP ranges as tiles.

To the right of the page heading is a button to add a new IP range.

This is followed by a descriptive text with a note on the possibility of assigning further rights to IP ranges on the "Rights" page.

Below this, the available IP ranges are displayed in a tile view. A tile contains the name of the IP range as a heading and optionally a description below it. The IP range itself is also listed.

If you move the mouse over a tile, a link to edit or delete the IP range becomes visible.

Deleting an IP range is only possible if no rights are assigned to it.


If an IP range is added, only one section is displayed: "General".

The name of an IP range is a mandatory field, just like the IP/netmask. The optional description helps to describe the range more precisely. It is only visible to administrators.

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