1.29 Transkribus

The Goobi viewer is able to transfer records from METS documents to Transkribus for the purpose of handwriting recognition. Any user with a Transkribus account can log into the Goobi viewer and add the selected record to it for further processing. The instance of the Goobi viewer automatically receives read access to this record. To do this, the instance of the Goobi viewer must also have its own Transkribus account.

<transkribus enabled="false">

The parameters are explained in detail in the following table:




Switches the Transkribus integration on or off (default value is false).


Username for the Tranksibus account of this Goobi viewer instance (this account gives the instance read access to the records handed over by users)


Password for the Transkribus account of this Goobi viewer instance


Transkribus collection in which records transferred by users are stored (for both user and Goobi viewer accounts)


URL of the REST API from Tranksribus


Document types for which a transfer to Transkribus is permitted (usually mainly manuscripts)

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