Goobi viewer manual

Documentation for the Open Source Software Goobi viewer from intranda

About this manual

The Goobi viewer documentation consists of several parts. The configuration options of the Core, Indexer and Connector components are described in detail. In addition, parts of the application interface and application scenarios are described.

The source code of the Goobi viewer and its components can be found on GitHub.


If you have any questions about this documentation, suggestions for the further development of this manual or general questions about the Goobi viewer, digitisation projects in general and, of course, the further development of the Goobi viewer, please do not hesitate to contact intranda GmbH:



intranda GmbH, Bertha-von-Suttner Str. 9, D-37085 Göttingen


+49 551 291 76 100


+49 551 291 76 105



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