3.1.2 Dublin Core

        <template name="_DEFAULT">
            <metadata label="title" value="{0}">
                <param type="field" key="MD_TITLE" />
            <metadata label="creator" value="{0}">
                <param type="field" key="MD_CREATOR" />
            <metadata label="subject" value="{0}">
                <param type="translatedfield" key="DC" />
            <metadata label="publisher" value="{0}">
                <param type="field" key="MD_PUBLISHER" dontUseTopstructValue="false" />
            <metadata label="date" value="{0}">
                <param type="field" key="MD_YEARPUBLISH" dontUseTopstructValue="false" />
            <metadata label="type" value="{0}">
                <param type="translatedfield" key="DOCSTRCT" />
            <metadata label="description" value="#TOC#" />
            <metadata label="type" value="text" />
            <metadata label="format" value="image/jpeg" />
            <metadata label="format" value="application/pdf" />
            <metadata label="identifier" value="#AUTO#" />
            <metadata label="source" value="#AUTO#" />
            <metadata label="rights" value="#AUTO#" />
            <metadata label="fulltext" value="#AUTO#" />
            <metadata label="url" value="https://viewer.goobi.io/viewer/image/{0}/{1}/">
                <param type="field" key="PI_TOPSTRUCT" />
                <param type="field" key="THUMBPAGENO" />
        <mapping accessCondition="Public Domain Mark 1.0">info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess</mapping>

Depending on the structure type displayed, different configurations can be used here, analogous to the viewer metadata. The configurations are placed in an element <template>. The name of the structure element is entered in the name attribute. A template with the name _DEFAULT is used if no special template is defined for the current structure type.

Each element <metadata> describes a metadata field to be displayed. The order of the listing corresponds to the order in which this metadata (if any) is displayed. The element has the following attributes:




Name of the Dublin Core field (title becomes <dc:title>). This is a mandatory attribute, and should contain a valid name according to Dublin Core specification.


Default value of the metadata. In the simplest case, a static character string can be entered here that is output directly (e.g. dc:format in the above example). The value can also be a string or URL defined in messages_*.properties or directly in the attribute and containing placeholders that are replaced by actual values from the metadata. For simple metadata from index fields, this attribute should contain a "{0}". In the special case #AUTO# certain fields (dc:identifier, dc:rights, dc:source, dc:fulltext) can be filled programmatically according to a fixed scheme.

In the special case #TOC#, the table of contents of the requested record is output as text in the field dc:description. Therefore the <restApiUrl /> must be configured correctly.

If values from index fields are to be used, the element <metadata> must contain at least one element <param>. These define the source of the actual values for this metadata type. The following attributes must be configured:




The type of the value describes the way whether and how the value is handled. Possible types are:

  • field- The value is taken over as it is.

  • translatedfield- The value is translated into the current language, if a translation exists.


The field in the Solr Index that contains the desired value.


Character string that is immediately before the value of the metadata (spaces are coded with _SPACE). This is translated automatically if a translation exists.


Character string that is to appear immediately after the value of the metadata (spaces are coded with _SPACE). This is translated automatically if a translation exists.


For delivered sub-elements (e.g. articles), the metadata value of the records main element is automatically used if the sub-element does not have this metadata field. This can be prevented by activating this attribute. The default value is false.

The order of the <param> elements corresponds to the order in which the placeholders in the default value (if configured) are replaced.

The <field /> list within <setSpec/> configures the index fields whose values are used for setSpec elements of OAI records. One field element is used per field configuration and one setSpec element is generated for each value found.

The <dc:rights /> is automatically set based on the contents of the field ACCESSCONDITION. If this field contains the value OPENACCESS, the following entry is generated:


If a different value is entered here, closedAccess is automatically used. With the Mapping List values can be mapped to a certain alternative value, so that for example "Public Domain Mark 1.0" can also be marked as openAccess.

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