1.4 URL configuration

The Goobi viewer offers the possibility of linking to external systems in several places. The parameters that are responsible for these links are explained here.
<iiif useForCmsMedia="true"></iiif>
The parameters are explained in detail in the following table:
The elements contain absolute URLs to the currently displayed record via the OAI interface in METS, MARCXML Dublin Core or ESE format. The Goobi viewer appends the identifier of the current record to this URL.
Absolute URL to Apache Solr. The Solr index is the main data source for the Goobi viewer. For performance reasons, it should be located on the same machine or on the local network.
Absolute URL to the DFG Viewer.
Base URL to the REST API.
URL to the IIIF Image API interface.
The URL to the IIIF interface is only interesting for developers where the Goobi viewer runs in a local development environment but the images are to be integrated from an external system. The switch must always be commented out or not present on client systems. If the attribute useForCmsMedia is set to false, image urls of media files from the CMS system will still be queried with the URL specified in . This allows CMS media to be managed on the local system. The default is true.
The URL of the intranda TaskManager on which the plugin for PDF generation is located if the Goobi viewer uses a TaskManager for PDF generation.
If PDF and ePub files are offered for download, the URL to the servlet must be named.
URL to a BaseX installation for displaying an archive file.
URL to a Goobi workflow API for contributing content
Alternative URL to a URN resolver instead of the internal one. This setting is used for the creation of canonical URLs.