1.19.3 Search hit metadata

The metadata for the search hits is configured in the same way as the main metadata. In addition, the optional separator attribute can be used to control whether multiple values should be displayed separated by an optional separator character rather than a line break. In the following example, this is a semicolon followed by a space for the MD_CREATOR field:

    <metadataList type="searchHit">
        <template name="_DEFAULT">
            <metadata label="MD_CREATOR" separator=";&#160;" value="">
                <param type="field" key="MD_CREATOR" />
            <metadata label="MD_SHELFMARK" value="">
                <param type="field" key="MD_SHELFMARK" />
            <metadata label="MD_PUBLISHER" value="">
                <param type="field" key="MD_PUBLISHER" />
            <metadata label="MD_YEARPUBLISH" value="">
                <param type="field" key="MD_YEARPUBLISH" />
            <metadata label="MD_PLACEPUBLISH" value="">
                <param type="field" key="MD_PLACEPUBLISH" />

For document types that do not have their own template, the configuration on the DEFAULT template is used. If no _DEFAULT template is defined, no metadata is displayed in the search hits for this structure type.

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