2.10 Deleting records

To delete a record, a file with the name pattern <Identifier>.delete must be placed in the hotfolder (for example PPN123456789.delete). As soon as the file has been captured by the Goobi viewer indexer, the corresponding record is deleted from the index. All files belonging to this record will also be removed from the corresponding folders.

After all entries related to this record have been removed from the Solr Index, a new entry will be created in the Index to mark this record as past and currently deleted. This functionality is relevant for the OAI interface and has no influence on other functions of the Goobi viewer.

For a record to be successfully deleted, the corresponding METS or LIDO file must also be present in the corresponding folder (configured in indexedMets or indexedLido).

It is also possible to delete records with <Identifier>.purge. No trace documents remain in the index. The functionality should only be used if no URNs have been reported so far.

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