1.12 Linking from METS file groups


The Goobi viewer is often used in combination with Goobi workflow. In the Goobi workflow project configuration, various so-called METS file groups can be configured. The file groups then contain URLs to individual derivatives or other assets in the Goobi viewer. This page lists some frequently used configurations for METS file groups.

METS file groups


In this file group the images with local path are defined, as they are expected in the Goobi viewer. Here is an example of images that are in TIFF format with the file suffix .tif:


  • Path: file:///opt/digiverso/viewer/media/$(meta.CatalogIDDigital)/

  • MIME type: image/tiff

  • Suffix: tif


The normal presentation derivatives are linked in this file group. The file group is also used by the DFG Viewer.

  • Name: DEFAULT

  • Path: https://viewer.example.org/content/$(meta.CatalogIDDigital)/800/0/

  • MIME type: image/jpeg

  • Suffix: jpg


In this file group, the full texts are linked in ALTO format. The file group is also used by the DFG Viewer:

  • Name: FULLTEXT

  • Path: https://viewer.example.org/api/v1/records/$(meta.CatalogIDDigital)/files/alto/

  • MIME type: xml/alto

  • Suffix: xml

  • Validierung gegen Verzeichnis: getOcrDirectory


The IIIF manifests of the individual image files are linked in the file group. Please note, that the suffix expects tif files in the derivatives folder. Adopt it to your needs if necessary.

  • Name: IIIF

  • Path: https://viewer.example.org/api/v1/records/$(meta.CatalogIDDigital)/files/images/

  • Suffix: tif/info.json

  • MIME type: application/ld+json


In this file group, the full texts are linked in plain text format.


  • Path: https://viewer.example.org/api/v1/records/$(meta.CatalogIDDigital)/files/plaintext/

  • MIME type: text/plain

  • Suffix: txt

  • Validierung gegen Verzeichnis: getOcrDirectory

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