1.36 Maps

The following block exists in the configuration file for maps used in the Goobi viewer

        <addressSearch enabled="true" />
        <marker icon="fa-info" markerColor="green" shape="circle" extraClasses="fa-2x">maps__marker_1</marker>
        <marker icon="fa-building" markerColor="orange-dark" shape="square">maps__marker_2</marker>
        <marker icon="fa-user" markerColor="cyan"  shape="penta">maps__marker_3</marker>
        <marker icon="fa-rocket" markerColor="pink"  shape="star">maps__marker_4</marker>
        <marker icon="fa-spinner" markerColor="yellow" extraClasses="fa-2x fa-spin">maps__marker_5</marker>
        <marker icon="fa-coffee" markerColor="white" prefix="fa" iconColor="black" iconRotate="270">maps__marker_6</marker>
        <marker icon="fa-number" markerColor="black" number="42" svg="true">maps__marker_7</marker>
        <heatmap enabled="false" />
        <heatmap enabled="false" />
        <marker icon="fa-circle" markerColor="red" svg="true" />
        <selection color="blue"/>
        <heatmap enabled="false" />
        <marker icon="fa-circle" markerColor="red"  svg="true" />
        <selection color="blue"/>
        <option label="cms__geomaps__popup_content__option__none" name=""/>
        <option label="cms__geomaps__popup_content__option__place" name="NORM_NAME">
                <template name="_DEFAULT">
                        <metadata label="" value="{NORM_NAME}">
                                <param type="field" key="NORM_NAME" altKey="LABEL" />
        <option label="cms__geomaps__popup_content__option__metadata" name="MD_VALUE">
                <template name="_DEFAULT">
                        <metadata label="" value="{MD_VALUE}">
                                <param type="field" key="MD_VALUE" altKey="LABEL" />
                    <template name="_DEFAULT">
                            <metadata label="" value="{MD_TITLE}">
                                    <param type="field" key="MD_TITLE" altKey="LABEL" />
        <template name="_DEFAULT">

Settings in the element <mapbox>

Access data for MapBox maps can be stored here. If the element <token> is filled, maps are always retrieved from MapBox. The optional values <user>and <styleId> can be used to retrieve specially configured map layouts.

When using MapBox maps, a feature can be used to search for locations on the map. This is activated by <addressSearch enabled="true">. The feature is enabled by default.

Settings in the element <markers>

Any number of marker configurations can be stored. The Goobi viewer uses the ExtraMarkers leaflet plugin. You can find out more about the configuration options on the following page:

Settings in the <coordinateFields> element

All SOLR fields must be listed here that contain geo-coordinates that the viewer can use to create maps. The fields can contain coordinates either as text in GeoJson format or in the form <latitude> <longitude>, e.g. 51.82 9.42

Settings in the <cms>, <facet> and <search> elements

In these areas, CMS maps, search page faceting and the map search or server-side heatmap functionality can be switched on or off and the markers can be customized.

Settings in the <record> element

The appearance of markers in record-related maps can be customized here. The name attribute in the <template> sub-element specifies the document type to which the configuration should apply. All document types without their own <template> adopt the settings in the <template name="_DEFAULT"> element.

The only available setting within a <template> is <marker>, which must contain the name of a element in the <markers> area. The corresponding marker configuration is used to display the map markers for works of the corresponding document type.

Settings in the <metadata> element

This element is divided into several sub-elements called <option>. Each <option> element appears in the CMS card backend as an option for "Popups". This selects the scheme according to which the labels of the markers (in the popups) are generated.

Within an <option> there is <title> in which the label of the popup is defined, and optionally <entity><title>, in which labels of sub-hits are defined. Sub-hits are all markers that have the same coordinates and the same title. These are displayed as a marker with a number indicating the number of sub-hits. As long as <entity><title> is configured, each marker has at least one sub-hit, otherwise there are no sub-hits. Markers with sub-hits always open a list with the label of the marker and all sub-hits as an overlay on the map when they are clicked.

Within <title> and <entity><title> there are always <template><metadata> configurations that work analogously to the <metadataList> configurations. The name of a template is the name of the structure type of the Solr document from which the marker was created. If a marker was created from a document with DOCTYPE:METADATA, the value of LABEL of the Solr document is used as the structure type.

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