1.36 Maps

The following block exists in the configuration file for maps used in the Goobi viewer
<addressSearch enabled="true" />
<marker icon="fa-info" markerColor="green" shape="circle" extraClasses="fa-2x">maps__marker_1</marker>
<marker icon="fa-building" markerColor="orange-dark" shape="square">maps__marker_2</marker>
<marker icon="fa-user" markerColor="cyan" shape="penta">maps__marker_3</marker>
<marker icon="fa-rocket" markerColor="pink" shape="star">maps__marker_4</marker>
<marker icon="fa-spinner" markerColor="yellow" extraClasses="fa-2x fa-spin">maps__marker_5</marker>
<marker icon="fa-coffee" markerColor="white" prefix="fa" iconColor="black" iconRotate="270">maps__marker_6</marker>
<marker icon="fa-number" markerColor="black" number="42" svg="true">maps__marker_7</marker>
<heatmap enabled="false" />
<heatmap enabled="false" />
<marker icon="fa-circle" markerColor="red" svg="true" />
<selection color="blue"/>
<heatmap enabled="false" />
<marker icon="fa-circle" markerColor="red" svg="true" />
<selection color="blue"/>
In the element <mapbox> access data to MapBox maps can be stored. If the <token> element is filled, maps are basically retrieved from MapBox. The optional <user> and <styleId> values can be used to retrieve specially configured map layouts.
When using MapBox maps, a feature can be used to search for locations on the map. This is enabled by <addressSearch enabled="true">. The feature is enabled by default.
Any number of marker configurations can be stored. The Goobi viewer uses the Leaflet Plugin ExtraMarkers. You can find out more about the configuration options on the following page:
The fields in which GeoJSON is indexed must be specified in the list below <coordinateFields />.
In the areas for the CMS, faceting and map search, the server-side heatmap functionality can be switched on or off as required, and the markers can be customised.