Documentation overview

The documentation for the Goobi viewer was created by intranda GmbH. It is divided into four different sections, each with a different focus on the same software.


In the Configuration section, the configuration files of the components associated with the Goobi viewer are explained in detail. Every potential entry in the files is listed here. It describes exactly what can be configured, what potential options are available and what effects a change to the interface will have.


The interface section mainly describes the backend and its graphical configuration options. In the future we plan to document the frontend as well.


In the miscellaneous section, different application scenarios and frequent questions are summarised. This section includes the experience of several years of development work on the Goobi viewer as well as several years of installation and support of various productive instances in numerous institutions in several European countries. Frequently asked questions from users, typical deployment scenarios for different projects and different approaches of individual institutions form the basis for the individual sub-chapters.

Devs & Ops

The Devs & Ops section collects information for developers and administrators. It includes, for example, a changelog for theme updates, installation instructions for the software or instructions for setting up a development environment.

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