1.9.1 Variants


There are two versions of the PDF download:

  1. Real-time generation, which directly triggers a download of the requested PDF during which the PDF itself is generated.

  2. The external generation that generates the PDF in an intrandaTaskManager with a suitable plugin and offers it for download in the Goobi viewer as soon as the generation is complete. This variant is more indirect than real-time generation, but offers several advantages: all PDFs are generated in a queue that prevents many resource-guzzling PDF generations from being executed in parallel. If necessary, PDF generation can even be completely outsourced from the Java environment of the Goobi viewer, so that it does not burden the resources of the Goobi viewer. In addition, the interface of this variant offers a captcha query based on Googles reCaptcha, and offers the option of submitting a declaration of consent, copyright notice or similar to the user for confirmation before downloading the PDF. Users requesting a PDF can leave an e-mail address at which they will be notified when the generation is complete. Once generated, PDFs will be kept for some time so that they are available for immediate download.

In real time

This is the standard variant.

External Generation

For this variant an intranda TaskManager with the Viewer-PDF-Plugin must be available. For configuration, see the URL Configuration section.

In order to use this option, the following configuration must be switched on:


In this variant, the PDFs are cached in a separate folder. This folder can also be configured:


The value given in the example above is the default value that will be used if the folder is not specifically configured.

When external PDF generation is used, emails can be sent optionally. The following message keys are available for customization:

  • downloadReadySubject

  • downloadReadyBody

  • downloadErrorSubject

  • downloadErrorBody

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