3.1.7 Xepicur

            <urnPrefix> urn:nbn:de:hidden:456-</urnPrefix>

The parameters are explained in detail in the following table:




Activates the availability of the format in the OAI-PMH interface. Default value isfalse.


The maximum number of records Solr can return for a request (page/token). This value overrides the global default value hitsPerToken (see chapter for this metadata format. If no value is defined here, the global value is used.


Configuration of index fields whose values are used for setSpec elements of OAI records. One field element is used for each field configuration, and one setSpec element is generated for each value found.

In the <additionalDocstructTypes> element, you can define a list of any number of <docstruct> elements that, in addition to entire records and pages, describe other structure types that are to be delivered in Xepicur format.

If certain URNs are to be excluded from delivery, their prefixes can be entered in <urnPrefix> elements below <blacklist>. URNs that begin with these prefixes are filtered out and not delivered. Any number of elements can be defined.

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