1.11.2 Further navigation

There are two other types of navigation available within the images.

Double page view

If a record has more than one image, it can be displayed in a double-page view. This support can be switched on and off globally with the following switch:

    <doublePageNavigation enabled="true" />

Via <docstructNavigation />, structure types can be defined between which it is possible to navigate quickly in full screen mode (such as "next chapter or next figure"). For this, the attribute enabled="true" must be set. The default is false . Several structure types can then be defined in <docstruct> elements. The navigation then automatically jumps forward/back to the next found element whose type is configured in this list via corresponding buttons. As with metadata configurations, different templates can be configured depending on the type of the main document.

    <docstructNavigation enabled="false">
        <template name="_DEFAULT">

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