1.9.2 Download Links

PDF download links can be displayed in several places. These can be configured individually.





Disables the API for PDF generation. If PDF download links are not also disabled, they no longer work. Default value is false.


Toggles the PDF download link in the title bar (displayed when displaying images, full texts, thumbnails and tables of contents) on or off. The default value is true.


Enables or disables PDF download links for individual structure elements in the table of contents. The default value is true.


Enables or disables the PDF download link on the bibliographic data page. The default value is true.


Switches the PDF download link for single pages in the image view on or off. Default value is false. This link is the only one that never uses the external PDF generation, because the resources for single pages are too small to justify it.

Additionally there is the possibility to generate a PDF document with the contents of the table of contents. This is useful if the table of contents itself is relevant for research purposes. An example would be the digitisation of a card catalogue. The following switch is available to activate the functionality described here. The icon is then displayed in the table of contents in the title bar.


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