1.30 Original content

Your Goobi viewer offers you the option of making files on a record available as direct downloads. These can be, for example, original versions of Born-Digital documents.

To do this, the folder for original content origContentFolder must first be configured (see chapter 1.3). The files are stored within this folder in subfolders that have the identifier of the record as folder name (e.g. /opt/digiverso/viewer/source/PPN123456789/born_digital.pdf). For each file in this subfolder a download link is generated in the record view.

It is also possible to exclude certain files from the listing in the sidebar. This is a purely visual adjustment, access and download is still possible.

The functionality can be controlled in the configuration file with the following switches:

     <sidebarWidgetDownloads enabled="true">

It is currently not possible to delete documents from Goobi workflow or the Goobi viewer. This can only be done manually directly in the file system.

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