2.9 Updating individual page documents

In order to avoid unnecessary loads on the Solr index in connection with updates from crowdsourcing, which can also affect the performance of the Goobi viewer, it is possible to overwrite individual field values in the ALTO, FULLTEXT and UGCTERMS fields in page documents with new values without having to re-index the entire record with thousands of pages (for example, in connection with crowdsourcing).

To do this, an empty file must be placed in the hotfolder whose name contains the required information about the document to be updated:


for example:


Similarly, data folders with new contents with the same naming scheme must be placed next to them:


The data folders must contain the respective files for the page to be updated (for example ../PPN123456789#1353334633236_altocrowd/00000001.xml for page 1).

The corresponding Solr document is updated with new values without changing the rest of the record or the IDDOC of the updated document.

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