1.10 Archival documents


The Goobi viewer can display an archive record in a tree view. If a record is linked to an archive, a widget is also displayed in the record view that shows the record in the archives hierarchy.

This requires the configuration described below.

Goobi workflow

Within Goobi workflow, the archive management plugin should be installed and configured. The necessary steps are described in the following documentation:

It is important that the metadata NodeID is present in the rule set. This is how the Goobi viewer will later recognise the connection from a METS file to a node in the EAD file. The following are the relevant snippets for the rule set:

    <language name="de">ID des Knotens</language>
    <language name="en">Node ID</language>

  <!-- ... -->

  <metadata num="1o">NodeId</metadata>

  <!-- ... -->


Goobi viewer Indexer

The metadatum from NodeID is expected in the Solr field MD_ARCHIVE_ENTRY_ID:


Goobi viewer Core

To display the tree view, the URL to a BaseX database must be stored and the archive view must be activated. See the following chapters:

The archive view can then be called up via the URL with the suffix /archives/. If several archive entries exist in the database, a selection is automatically offered.

The archive widget is automatically displayed in the record view as soon as the field MD_ARCHIVE_ENTRY_ID exists for a record in the Solr search index.

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