1.40 Add content

For the configuration of the content contributing functionality, the following section exists in the configuration file:

In addition to this configuration, it is also necessary to store a URL to a Goobi workflow API, see chapter 1.4.

<upload enabled="true">
        <rejectionReasonPropertyName>Rejection reason</rejectionReasonPropertyName>

The enabled attribute activates or deactivates the contribute content functionality.

The other parameters are explained in detail in the following table:


Goobi workflow API tokens for the commands to be executed in the REST API.


Defines the publication type to be used for creating a process in Goobi workflow. This must be a valid publication type from the rule set. Default is monograph.


Production template within Goobi workflow to be used when creating the process.


Process property that determines whether a submitted content has been rejected.


Process property in which the reason for a rejection of a submitted entry was entered.

For further configuration of the functionality, see also the use case documented for this purpose.

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