1.5.2 Sending e-mails

For the registration of a local user account, as well as for other mail dispatch, a mail server must be configured. The configuration for this is as follows:

    <!-- <smtpPort>25</smtpPort> -->
    <smtpSenderName>Goobi viewer</smtpSenderName>
        <address id="default" label="Contact" default="true">feedback@example.org</address>
        <address id="unicorn" label="Rainbow Unicorn">unicorn@example.org</address>




SMTP Server sending emails


SMTP port for sending mail. If not explicitly specified, port 25 is set for NONE and STARTTLS and port 465 for SSL.


Benutzername zur Authentifizierung an dem SMTP Server


Username for authentication on the SMTP server

CAUTION: If the password contains a semicolon, this must be explicitly masked with a backslash, since this is the default delimiter and thus a reserved character!


The sender address displayed to the receiver.


The sender name displayed to the receiver


Encryption type for mail sending. Possible values are: NONE, SSL and STARTTLS. Default value is NONE.


Recipient address for the feedback modal. If several addresses are specified, one can be selected. The entry with the attribute default="true" is preselected. The modal can be opened from anywhere via the web fragment #feedback. If several addresses are defined, the preselected address can be controlled differently via a suffix, for example: #feedback:recipient=unicorn

The configuration given in the example sends via a local service (e.g. Postfix), which must be installed on the same server as the Goobi viewer itself.

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