1.23 Sidebar

The following elements switch links in the sidebar to the different types of record view on or off :

    <page enabled="true" />
    <toc enabled="true" />
    <thumbs enabled="true" />
    <searchInItem enabled="true" />
    <metadata enabled="true" />
    <fulltext enabled="true" />
    <opac enabled="false" />
    <sidebarBrowsingTerms enabled="true" />
    <sidebarRssFeed enabled="true" />
    <sidebarWidgetUsage enabled="true">
            <downloadOptions enabled="true">
                <option label="label__download_option_preview_150" format="jpg" boxSizeInPixel="150" />
                <option label="label__download_option_small_1024" format="jpg" boxSizeInPixel="1024" />
                <option label="label__download_option_medium_2048" format="jpg" boxSizeInPixel="2048" />
                <option label="label__download_option_large_4096" format="jpg" boxSizeInPixel="4096" />
                <option label="Master" format="MASTER" boxSizeInPixel="max"/>
        <citationLinks enabled="true">
                <link type="URL" for="record" label="URN" field="URN" prefix="https://nbn-resolving.org/" />
                <link type="URL" for="record" label="Handle" field="MD_PI_HANDLE" prefix="https://hdl.handle.net/" />
                <link type="URL" for="record" label="DOI" field="MD_PI_DOI" prefix="https://doi.org/" />
                <link type="URL" for="record" label="PURL" field="MD_PURL_IAI" />
                <link type="URL" for="image"  label="DOI" field="MD_PI_DOI" prefix="https://doi.org/" suffix="#?page=" appendImageNumberToSuffix="true" />
                <link type="URL" for="image"  label="URN" field="IMAGEURN" prefix="https://nbn-resolving.org/" />
                <link type="URL" for="image"  label="URN" field="URN" prefix="https://nbn-resolving.org/" suffix="/fragment/page=" topstructValueFallback="true" appendImageNumberToSuffix="true" />
                <link type="INTERNAL" for="record" label="LABEL_VIEWER_PURL" />
                <link type="INTERNAL" for="docstruct" label="LABEL_VIEWER_PURL" />
                <link type="INTERNAL" for="image" label="LABEL_VIEWER_PURL" />
        <citationRecommendation enabled="true">
                <metadata label="MD_CITATION" value="MASTERVALUE_CITATION">
                    <param type="citeproc" dest="title" key="MD_TITLE" />
                    <param type="citeproc" dest="author" key="MD_CREATOR" />
                    <param type="citeproc" dest="publisher" key="MD_PUBLISHER" />
                    <param type="citeproc" dest="placepublish" key="MD_PLACEPUBLISH"/>
                    <param type="citeproc" dest="issued" key="MD_YEARPUBLISH" />
                    <param type="citeproc" dest="isbn" key="MD_ISBN"/>
    <sidebarWidgetDownloads enabled="true">
    <copyrightIndicator enabled="true" style="widget">
        <status field="ACCESSCONDITION">
            <value content="OPENACCESS" status="OPEN" description="COPYRIGHT_DESCRIPTION_STATUS_OPEN" />
            <value content="PDFLOCKED" status="PARTIAL" description="COPYRIGHT_DESCRIPTION_STATUS_PDFLOCKED" />
        <license field="MD_USEANDREPRODUCTIONLICENSE">
            <value content="CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication" description="COPYRIGHT_DESCRIPTION_LICENSE_CC010">
            <value content="In Copyright 1.0" description="COPYRIGHT_DESCRIPTION_LICENSE_RSINC10">






Visibility of the link to the table of contents in the factory navigation. Attention: this is not the sidebar table of contents, for this see sidebarToc.


Page preview (Thumbnails)


Search in record


Metadata / Bibliographic data

If this switch is deactivated, the entire widget is not rendered.




Displays an additional link to catalogue. The default value is false


Show or hide the browsing widget. The default value is true


Show or hide the RSS feed widget. The default value is true


Show or hide the widget. The default value is true


Shows or hides the download options. Default value is true.


List of entries to be made available for download.

  • The label attribute contains a message key.

  • The format attribute specifies the file format. This must be a format supported by the IIIF Image API. The static string MASTER is automatically translated into the image format of the master image.

  • The attribute boxSizeInPixel contains a value in pixels. A square is created from this. The Goobi viewer then scales the image - keeping the aspect ratio - into the specified box and displays the real size in pixels in the download popover.


Shows or hides the area. The default value is true.


List of entries to be displayed as citation links.

  • type: can take the value URL if a link is to be built, or INTERNAL to use the internal URL built by the Goobi viewer.

  • for: can contain the values record, docstruct or image and defines for which range the citation link is valid.

  • label: contains the message key for the name of the displayed citation link.

  • field: defines the solr field from which the value for the citation link should come. It is only evaluated for type="URL".

  • prefix: contains the part of the URL that comes before the value from the solr field. It is only evaluated for type="URL".

  • suffix: contains the part of the URL that comes after the value from the solr field. It is only evaluated for type="URL".

  • topstructValueFallback: if true the value of the main element is taken from the Solr index even if for="docstruct" or for="image" is set. Default value is false.

  • appendImageNumberToSuffix: If true the image number will be appended to the suffix. Default value is false.


Shows or hides the area. The default value is true.


Contains the list of Citeproc citation styles to be offered in the dropdown menu.


Contains the mapping from the Solr fields to the Citeproc values.


Show or hide the widget. The default value is true


If a regular expression is defined, files that match it are hidden in the widget. This is a purely visual option, the download of the files is still possible.


Enables or disables the display of the functionality. Default value is true.


Defines the places where the information is displayed. Possible values are widget and trafficlight. The widget is displayed in the sidebar. The traffic light is displayed next to the title of the record. The default value is widget.


Defines the Solr field containing the access restriction information. Default value is ACCESSCONDITION


Specifies the content of the defined field for which the setting is to apply.


Sets the status for the content. Possible values are OPEN, PARTIAL and LOCKED. If the widget is displayed, the status OPEN is visualised as an open lock and PARTIAL and LOCKED as a closed lock. Otherwise the status is displayed in the traffic light colours OPEN=green, PARTIAL=yellow and LOCKED=red.


Sets the message key by further describing the access restriction.


Defines the Solr field in which the information about the usage licence is located. The default value is MD_USEANDREPRODUCTIONLICENSE.


Specifies the content of the defined field for which the setting is to apply.


Sets the message key by further describing the licence of use.


Repeatable entry that lists the names of the files that are to be used to represent the licence of use. The files are located in the theme or core in the images/licence/ folder.

Within this section, the sidebar table of contents is also configured in the configuration file. Due to its thematic proximity, it is described in chapter 1.20.2.

The download for original content is also described here. Historically, this is still described in chapter 2.30.

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