1.1 Local settings

The semicolon is a reserved delimiter character in the configuration file and must be explicitly masked with a backslash if necessary!

The following files can be created in the local configuration folder:

  • config_viewer.xml (main configuration file of the Goobi viewer)

  • config_imageFooter.xml (configuration file for the image footer)

  • config_pdfTitlePage.xml (configuration file for the PDF title page)

Any configuration element in the global configuration file config_viewer.xml (on an Ubuntu system, for example at /var/lib/tomcat9/webapps/viewer/WEB-INF/classes) can be overwritten with a user-defined configuration in the local config_viewer.xml, except for the configFolder parameter.

Starting with version 22.11 of the Goobi viewer, the configFolder can be passed via a Java variable. This can be useful if several Goobi viewer instances are installed on a server and otherwise the default path to the local configFolder has to be adjusted in the global configuration file with every update. The setting can be done for example in /etc/default/tomcat9:

JAVA_OPTS="${JAVA_OPTS} -DconfigFolder=/path/to/second/viewer/config/" 

For example, the following configuration element exists in the global configuration file config_viewer.xml:


The following entry in the local configuration file config_viewer.xml will overwrite the entry of the same name in the global configuration file and thus disable the automatic redirection to the record if a collection contains only one record:


It is sufficient to insert only those elements into the local configuration file which should deviate from the default value of the global configuration file and should therefore be overwritten. All other elements are still read from the default configuration file.

In addition to individual configuration settings, entire lists of entries can be overwritten.

An example are lists of metadata types to be displayed:

    <metadataView index="0">
        <template name="_DEFAULT">
            <metadata label="MD_TITLE" value="">
                <param type="field" key="MD_TITLE" />
            <metadata label="MD_SHELFMARK" value="">
                <param type="field" key="MD_SHELFMARK" />

The above example replaces the complete block <metadataView index="0"> in the default configuration file.

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