1.17.8 Aggregated search hit display

The Goobi viewer lists records in the search hit list with associated subhits.

The display of the sub hits can be further controlled. With the attribute enabled the sub hits can be switched on and off. The default value is true.

Certain fields can also be explicitly ignored or translated. The type attributes ignore and translate are available for this purpose.

In addition, the type attribute oneline can be used to combine the output of several hits of the same field in one line. This can be particularly necessary if different forms of names have been indexed for authority data sets.

If a metadata field is to be displayed shortened, this can be configured with the snippet type attribute. This will automatically truncate the displayed metadata to the configured <fulltextFragmentLength /> (see 1.17 Search).

Here is an example of the complete section in the configuration file:

    <displayAdditionalMetadata enabled="true">      
        <field type="ignore">DC</field>
        <field type="ignore">DOCTYPE</field>
        <field type="ignore">ISANCHOR</field>
        <field type="ignore">ISWORK</field>
        <field type="ignore">MD_FIRSTNAME</field>
        <field type="ignore">MD_LASTNAME</field>
        <field type="ignore">MD_VALUE</field>
        <field type="ignore">NORMDATATERMS</field>
        <field type="ignore">PI_ANCHOR</field>
        <field type="ignore">PI_TOPSTRUCT</field>
        <field type="ignore">UGCTERMS</fieldeld>
        <field type="ignore">YEARMONTH</field>
        <field type="ignore">YEARMONTHDAY</field>

        <field type="translate">DOCSTRCT</field>
        <field type="oneline">NORM_ALTNAME</field>

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