4.1.11 Sets

It is possible to define your own sets using a Solr query.

<set setName="All Sets" setSpec="all" setQuery="+DC:* +PI:*" />
<set setName="test" setSpec="test" setQuery="DC:a.b.c.d" />
<set setName="ID-TEST" setSpec="ID-TEST" setQuery="PI:aa000274" />
<set setName="All monographs" setSpec="monograph" setQuery="+DOCSTRCT:monograph +DOCTYPE:DOCSTRCT" />
<set setName="Multivolume works and records" setSpec="multivolume" setQuery="+(DOCSTRCT:MultiVolumeWork DOCSTRCT:Volume)" />

A set always consists of setName, setSpec and setQuery. setName is a label for the set. This value is also displayed in the OAI-PMH interface. setSpec is the internal name used to address the set. This name is also used within get requests, so it should not contain any special characters. setQuery defines the search query to be used. The complete Solr syntax can be used.

Additionally there is the possibility to create a set for each existing value of an index field (for example all collection names). For this an element allValuesSet is defined, which has the corresponding Solr field name as text value.