4.4. Edit OCR results

The metadata editor has an editor for OCR results with which the ALTO XML files in the process can be edited. This editor can be accessed via a button in the upper menu bar:

The ALTO editor overlays the usual interface of the metadata editor. The interface consists of two main elements. The digital copy is displayed on the left and the automatically recognised OCR text on the right. If you move the mouse over the image or over the text on the right, the recognised line and the recognised word are highlighted in the image:

The editor allows you to correct the words recognised by the OCR. To do this, simply click in the text on the right and change the words as you are used to doing with text editors. When you edit a word, it is also marked on the left of the digital copy. If a word is difficult to read, you can zoom in the image display with the mouse wheel. In addition, the page to be edited can be selected via the navigation below the image.

To save the results, just click the green button at the bottom right. To undo all changes, the editor can simply be closed.

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