2.11. How to create a new process

There is a specific screen for adding new processes to Goobi’s store of data. Select the option Workflow - Production templates from the menu bar. You will be shown a list containing all the production templates already available in Goobi together with their configured workflows.

This list gives you an overview of all those production templates that you as a project member are authorised to view. The only difference between this template list and the process list lies in the Actions column. To add a new process in Goobi, click the correct symbol in the Actions column.

Create process from this process template.


To avoid having to keep every production template for every project, production templates can also be used for other projects. Simply click on the small arrow next to the button to select the desired project from the list of usable projects.

This will open a new window allowing you to import the bibliographical data for the new process.

This manual contains a very broad overview of the ways in which new processes can be created in Goobi by importing metadata from a library catalogue. For more information and details of alternative methods of creating one or more processes at the same time in Goobi, please refer to the section Goobi Management. To import bibliographical data from one of the configured library catalogues (Pica, Aleph, Z39.50, etc.), select a catalogue from the Search in OPAC drop-down list and enter the relevant identifier. Next, click on the corresponding Import button. Goobi will now fill the relevant fields automatically and set the correct publication type.

Once you have requested the catalogue, fill in all the fields marked at the end with an asterisk behind the label. These are compulsory fields, although you can of course fill in all the other fields, too. Do not enter anything into the Author-Title-Key (ATS) or the Title-Key (TSL) fields. The fields for Process title, Tif header document name, Tif header image description, Author-Title-Key or Title-Key are filled in automatically by Goobi when you save the new process or when you select the Generate button. The Author-Title-Key is a combination of some of the characters from the main title and the names of the people involved. The process name is made up of the Author-Title-Key generated by Goobi and a unique identifier. This way, each process within Goobi is given an unambiguous and meaningful name.

Before you click on the Save button, please ensure that at least one digital collection has been selected for this process. To select more than one digital collection, hold down the Control key. Finally, click on Save to move to the next page.

Goobi will now display an overview page that allows you to work with the new process you have just created. For example, you can generate a docket. To do so, just click on the Print docket link. To create another process, click Create new process. If you want to open the new process to modify its individual workflow or settings, click on Open newly created process.

Once a new process has been created, it can be viewed (together with its first open workflow step) by all those users and user groups who have been configured for that step. So, if the first step in the workflow is Scanning, for example, the newly created process will be visible to all scan operators assigned to the overall project containing that process. Accordingly, the task can be accepted and performed by any of these scan operators.

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