What is Goobi?

Goobi is the most popular open-source workflow management software for use in digitisation projects. It covers the entire spectrum of tasks involved in the digitisation process – from book to online presentation. Many libraries, museums, archives, publishers and even scanning companies have already adopted the software.

Goobi allows you to model, manage and supervise freely definable production processes and is used on a daily basis by many institutions to handle all the steps involved in creating a digital library: These include importing data from library catalogues, scanning and content-based indexing and the digital presentation and delivery of results in popular standardised formats.

Goobi meets enormously varied requirements while remaining as user-friendly as possible. It also needs to allow for simultaneous multiple use at a number of centres. As a multilingual web-based application, Goobi meets all these requirements. The following pages provide a detailed description of Goobi's functions and how they can help you coordinate your digitisation projects in a clear and organised way.

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