3.2. Apache Tomcat servlet container


Goobi is a web-based Java application. The Java code needs to be translated to ensure that Goobi can be called from your web browser. This job is done by a servlet container. Some examples are given below:

Servlet Container

Goobi is usually installed in an Apache Tomcat. This servlet container is installed from the operating system’s standard repositories. However, if the standard repositories do not contain version 7, Apache Tomcat is installed and maintained manually.

Example: Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS

If you are using Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS, you need to use the following command to install Apache Tomcat (version 7) from the standard repositories:

sudo aptitude install tomcat7

The service can be stopped and started using the following commands:

service tomcat7 stop
service tomcat7 start

The configuration data is located in the following path:


In order to install Goobi, you have to place the file goobi.war into the Tomcat’s webapps folder. The file is unpacked automatically. The webapps folder is located on the following path:


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