The statistics plugin now exports XLSX instead of XLS, therefore the template file was changed. /opt/digiverso/goobi/plugins/statistics/statistics_template.xls needs to be replaced with https://github.com/intranda/goobi-plugin-statistics-intranda/releases/latest/download/statistics_template.xlsx.


The configuration for configurable delay plugin has been adapted to the same scheme as the other step plugins. For this, the configuration file plugin_intranda_delay_configurable.xml must be adapted as follows as an example:

-           <delayInDays>3</delayInDays>
+           <!--
+               order of configuration is:
+                 1.) project name and step name matches
+                 2.) step name matches and project is *
+                 3.) project name matches and step name is *
+                 4.) project name and step name are *
+       	-->
+           <config>
+               <!-- which projects to use for (can be more then one, otherwise use *) -->
+               <project>*</project>
+               <step>*</step>
+               <!-- Delay in days -->
+               <delayInDays>3</delayInDays>
+           </config>


The configuration for the generateIdentifier plugin needs to have a <type> added to plugin_intranda_step_generateIdentifier.xml because the default has changed from random to uuid:

         <!-- into which field shall the new identifier be written -->
+        <!-- which type of identifier shall be created? Possible values are random, timestamp, uuid -->
+        <type>random</type>
         <!-- how long shall the new identifier be -->


The compiled file for the plugin plugin_intranda_step_move_folder_to_master has been renamed as the plugin is called. For the installation, this means that the previously installed plug-in file is now replaced by a new one:

-       /opt/digiverso/goobi/plugins/step/plugin_intranda_step_move-folder.jar
+       /opt/digiverso/goobi/plugins/step/plugin_intranda_step_move_folder_to_master.jar


For the Catalogue Poller plugin there was a similar change in the configuration file plugin_intranda_administration_catalogue_poller.xml as for the Catalogue Request plugin. Here the field name is now also configurable:

-       <catalogueIdentifier>$(meta.CatalogIDDigital)</catalogueIdentifier>
+       <catalogueField fieldName="12" fieldValue="$(meta.CatalogIDDigital)" />


For the Catalogue-Request-Plugin there was a change in the configuration file plugin_intranda_step_catalogue_request.xml so that parameters were merged. Here, of course, attention must be paid to the respective configuration of the installation:

-       <catalogueField>12</catalogueField>
-       <catalogueIdentifier>$(meta.CatalogIDDigital)</catalogueIdentifier>
+       <catalogueField fieldName="12" fieldValue="$(meta.CatalogIDDigital)" />


If database tables still use the Row Format Compact, this should be changed to Dynamic. For example, like this (adjust DB name if necessary):

mysql -NBse 'show table status in goobi where Row_format="compact"' | cut -f1 | xargs -I€ mysql goobi -NBse 'alter table € row_format=Dynamic'


Within the configuration for the xmp-header plugin, the definition of the folders is different. For this, the following change must be made in the configuration file plugin_intranda_step_xmp_header.xml:

-       <!-- define if the images in master folder are used -->
-       <useDerivateFolder>true</useDerivateFolder>
-       <!-- define if the images in master folder are used -->
-       <useMasterFolder>false</useMasterFolder>
+        <!-- which images to use , possible values are master|main|jpeg|source|... -->
+        <folder>master</folder>
+        <folder>media</folder>


Within the configuration file goobi_opac.xml a possible typing error has to be corrected. Instead of MultivolumeWork it should read MultiVolumeWork:

- rulesetType="MultivolumeWork"
+ rulesetType="MultiVolumeWork"


The keystore information is no longer stored from the Goobi workflow user interface but via a configuration within the configuration file goobi_config.properties. The keystore can now be defined there as follows:

truststore = /path/to/file
truststore_password = password


There have been changes to SQL queries in Goobi workflow that make the following changes necessary:

CREATE INDEX institution ON projekte (institution_id);
CREATE INDEX processid_x_title_x_status ON schritte(ProzesseID, Titel, Bearbeitungsstatus);
CREATE INDEX processid_x_title_x_status_x_user ON schritte(ProzesseID, Titel, Bearbeitungsstatus, BearbeitungsBenutzerID);
CREATE INDEX metadata_name ON metadata(name);
alter table metadata add FULLTEXT(value);
alter table processlog add FULLTEXT(content);
ALTER TABLE werkstueckeeigenschaften MODIFY titel VARCHAR(190);
CREATE INDEX title ON werkstueckeeigenschaften(Titel);
CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX value ON werkstueckeeigenschaften(WERT);
ALTER TABLE vorlageneigenschaften MODIFY titel VARCHAR(190);
CREATE INDEX title ON vorlageneigenschaften(Titel);
CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX value ON vorlageneigenschaften(WERT);
alter table schritte ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;
alter table prozesse ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;
alter table projekte ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;

Additionally, it is a good idea to delete some stale data. This data is now deleted automatically by Goobi, but there might be old data in the database:

delete from schritte where ProzesseID not in (select ProzesseID from prozesse);
delete from processlog where processid not in (select ProzesseID from prozesse);
delete from metadata where processid not in (select ProzesseID from prozesse);
delete from history where processid not in (select ProzesseID from prozesse);
delete from prozesseeigenschaften where prozesseid not in (select ProzesseID from prozesse);


Java 11 is needed from now on to run Goobi workflow. The package openjdk-11-jre-headless is a good option for Ubuntu users.

If there are runnable Jars included in your workflow (e.g. urn-generator.jar), please update these too.


The import plugin plugin_intranda_import_mab_file has been renamed to plugin_intranda_import_sisis_sunrise_file. Accordingly, the following files must be replaced with new versions and the configuration file renamed accordingly:

-  plugin_intranda_import_mab_file.jar
+  plugin_intranda_import_sisis_sunrise_file.jar

-  plugin_intranda_import_mab_file.xml
+  plugin_intranda_import_sisis_sunrise_file.xml


In the configuration file plugin_intranda_step_changeWorkflow.xml the name of the property to be checked must be adapted because the variable-replacer is used here. The values used must be checked accordingly and adapted according to this example:

-  <propertyName>TemplateID</propertyName>
+  <propertyName>{process.TemplateID}</propertyName>


For better performance in database queries (e.g. when calling the process list) execute the following statements:

mysql goobi
ALTER TABLE schritte DROP INDEX processid_x_title;
ALTER TABLE schritte DROP INDEX id_x_title;
ALTER TABLE schritte DROP INDEX processid_x_title_x_user;
ALTER TABLE schritte MODIFY titel VARCHAR(190);
ALTER TABLE prozesse MODIFY titel VARCHAR(190);
ALTER TABLE projekte MODIFY titel VARCHAR(190);
CREATE INDEX title ON schritte(Titel);
CREATE INDEX processid_x_title ON schritte(ProzesseID, Titel);
CREATE INDEX id_x_title ON schritte(SchritteID, Titel);
CREATE INDEX processid_x_title_x_user ON schritte(SchritteID, Titel, BearbeitungsBenutzerID);
CREATE INDEX title ON prozesse(Titel);
CREATE INDEX status_x_title ON schritte(Bearbeitungsstatus, Titel);
ALTER TABLE metadata MODIFY name VARCHAR(190);

Creating the indexes and changing the database tables can take several minutes for large datasets, and is therefore performed manually and not automatically during the update.


For the dockets, the expression for displaying the creation date for the process has been changed to homogenise it. Instead of the previous expression goobi:time, it has to be changed to the expression goobi:creationDate within the xsl files. This usually affects the docket files under the following paths:


Here is a detailed example of the change:

            Creation date:
-           <xsl:value-of select="goobi:time"/>
+            <xsl:value-of select="goobi:creationDate"/>


The plugin intranda_dashboard_example has been renamed to intranda_dashboard_extended. On the system, the previous files must therefore be replaced with the files with the new names during the update:

- plugin_intranda_dashboard_example.jar
- plugin_intranda_dashboard_example-GUI.jar
+ plugin_intranda_dashboard_extended.jar
+ plugin_intranda_dashboard_extended-GUI.jar

The configuration file plugin_intranda_dashboard_extended.xml already present on the systems can thus continue to exist unchanged.

For future updates and installations, please note that the Git repository and the Maven artefact from Jenkins have also been adapted to the new name plugin_intranda_dashboard_extended.


The plugin intranda_statistics_sudan_activity_by_user has been renamed to intranda_statistics_sudan_memory_activity_by_user. On the system, the previous files must therefore be replaced with the files with new names during the update:

- plugin_intranda_statistics_sudan.jar
- plugin_intranda_statistics_sudan-GUI.jar
+ plugin_intranda_statistics_sudan_memory.jar
+ plugin_intranda_statistics_sudan_memory-GUI.jar

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