Goobi workflow Handbook

Documentation for the Open-Source-Software Goobi workflow from intranda

About this manual

Welcome to the Goobi Manual. This is the official documentation produced by intranda GmbH as the core developer of the open-source workflow management application known as Goobi. The entire body of documentation is divided into various sections. It is based on the experience we have gained over several years, both in the development of Goobi and during the installation and support process, involving numerous productive systems at establishments in various European countries. As well as providing answers to the questions most frequently asked by users, the manual explains typical scenarios in which Goobi can be used for different projects and examines the range of approaches adopted by different institutions.

Further development of Goobi and maintenance of this documentation

If you have any questions about this documentation, suggestions for the further development of this manual or general questions about Goobi, digitisation projects and, of course, the further development of Goobi, please feel free to contact intranda GmbH at any time:



intranda GmbH, Bertha-von-Suttner Str. 9, D-37085 Göttingen


+49 551 291 76 100


+49 551 291 76 105



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