Overview of documentation

All the official documentation relating to Goobi has been produced by intranda GmbH. It is divided into three main areas, each with a different focus on the same application, and aimed respectively at users, project managers and administrators.

Goobi User

The aim of this part is to provide a simple guide for Goobi users who do not have any specific responsibilities at administrator, project manager or other technical levels. Using examples to illustrate a wide range of typical scenarios, you will learn how to find your way around Goobi, perform basic tasks and complete individual steps in the workflow.

Goobi Managers

At manager level, the documentation takes a look behind the scenes of Goobi. You will find detailed descriptions of how to set up workflows and how to manage projects, users and user groups, as well as explanations of Goobi’s control functions, rulesets and other areas. This part is aimed primarily at those who are involved in the management of digitisation projects and who want to gain a deeper understanding of how Goobi works.

Goobi Administrators

The technical part for Goobi administrators goes way beyond the application’s actual functions. It takes an in-depth look at what goes on behind the user interface, with a particular focus on the configuration and fine-tuning of different settings, creating rulesets, specifying data imports, file system management, storage integration and other technical issues.

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