Goobi viewer Digest for August 2023

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  • Text as main view for records


TEI display

What was previously realised via a custom module is now integrated into the Goobi viewer core: A native TEI display. The use case covered here is that for a digitised work there is a TEI file with a transcription as well as further TEI files with translations. The files refer to the entire record and not just to a single page.

If these TEI files are available, they are included in the indexing process and several full-text links are then available in the front end of the Goobi viewer in the record view. The individual TEI files can be downloaded in the "Cite and reuse" widget.


Until now, only the selected annotations or all annotations of the current page could be downloaded from the "Annotations" page in the Goobi viewer backend. There was no cross-page download option for all annotations.

This was implemented in August and is now available as an additional download button above the table.


The print dialogue within the Goobi viewer Desktop Client can now be optionally activated. For this purpose, a new configuration option allowPrint: true|false is available in app.config.js. The default value is false.

Furthermore, PDF files can now be displayed natively in a separate window in the client.


If a date has been indexed, it can now be configured in the metadata configuration as type="datefield" and the date display can then be set to the desired format with the pattern="" attribute. attribute to set the date display to the desired format.

There was no dedicated Goobi viewer release in August.

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