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We are pleased to announce the release of the Lower Saxony Cultural Heritage Portal version 2.0 (press release). Based on the current Goobi viewer version, the instance shines in a completely new design and can be found at the following address:

The overview page of the public Goobi viewer installations with their respective support of the IIIF APIs has also been adapted and extended with the information of the IIIF Search API:

Last month we added a new section with the current version numbers to the digests. Shortly afterwards the question came up: How does versioning actually work in the Goobi viewer? The answer is in the form of two new FAQ entries in Chapter 7 of the documentation:

We are happy to announce two new colleagues who have been supporting the Goobi viewer team in the context of web design since the beginning of October and the beginning of November.



The Goobi viewer now implements version 1.0 of the IIIF Content Search API, which considers content from full texts, user comments, annotations from campaigns and metadata.

The API is now available and is automatically installed with an update.


  • The methods for accessing files stored in DataRepositories have been standardized and centralized. This allowed various locations that were previously incompatible with the folder structure to be identified and corrected.

  • For crowdsourcing campaigns there were several bugfixes, for example the date at the start of a campaign was calculated incorrectly or the information that a work belonged to a campaign was not displayed in private campaigns.

  • The display of the import date for new records has been changed to the date.

  • The anchor is now also listed in the breadcrumbs.

  • In the CMS media you can also filter by file name and optionally overwrite the files when uploading.


In the Digest for June 2019 we presented a page describing the interfaces supported by the Goobi viewer. The IIIF Content Search API has been added to this page:

Version numbers

The versions that must be entered in the pom.xml of the theme in order to get the functions described in this digest are:


The Goobi viewer Indexer has the version number 4.1.1.

The Goobi viewer Connector has the version number 3.4.3.

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