In February, the University Library of Kiel and the National Library in Liechtenstein received an update of the Goobi viewer:


Reading lists

This month, the Goobi viewer master Branch has received a revision of the bookshelves in the form of bookmarks. Reading lists that are saved in the user session are now also available to non-registered users. The reading list can be sent by email on request.

For registered users, the user guidance for reading lists has been simplified.

Email notification for saved searches

For some time now, registered users have been able to save a search in order to call it up again at a later time. This functionality was extended by an optional email notification for new search hits.


Extensions in the search widget and the CMS search hit pages now allow a search from a subtheme to be forwarded to a subtheme search hit page. With the possibility to define a restrictive Solr query on the search hit page, there is now the possibility to provide own styled searches and search hit lists in subthemes. In addition, both pages have been migrated to the CMS for feedback and the privacy statement with the Piwik Opt-Out Code. This makes it much more comfortable to adapt the existing texts. Furthermore there were several bugfixes in the CMS area.


The REST interface has received a new endpoint that helps to send an email notification when new search hits occur.

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