Goobi viewer Digest for February 2021

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  • Adjustments to the IIIF interfaces

  • Enhancements to the maps

  • Crowdsourcing adjustments


With each release we also make available on Github a ready compiled version with the reference theme. It can be used directly for an installation or an update. Until now, the file could be downloaded from the Goobi viewer Core Repository. From now on it can be found in the repository of the Reference Theme.


Citation recommendation

From now on, the widget "Cite and Reuse" offers a citation recommendation for the displayed record. This makes use of the possibilities of the Citation Styles, through which several thousand citation styles are available. The standard configuration contains, among others, citation styles according to APA, MLA, Harvard or Oscola. The desired citation style can be selected in a drop-down menu and the citation recommendation below it can then be copied to the clipboard with a mouse click.

A citation recommendation can also be configured in the list of metadata on the "Bibliographic data" page.

Image download

Until now, the currently displayed image could be downloaded as a JPEG or in the original format (usually TIF). For this purpose, two badges were available in the widget "Cite and Reuse". The display and resolution could be further controlled via the configuration file.

These two links are replaced by a new badge "Download". A click opens a popover that makes different resolutions of the image available for download. For this purpose, entries can be defined in the configuration file with a label, the format and a box in pixels into which the image is to be scaled. The Goobi viewer then uses the actual image size to calculate the correct image dimensions and also checks that no entries are offered that are larger than the original image. By default, four image sizes (Preview, Small, Medium, Large) and the master image are displayed.

Empty caches

On 1 February 2010 at 09:06 in the morning a feature ticket was created for the software "intranda Presentation" with the title "Admin-GUI: Empty Cache". The ticket had the number #3055. For comparison: today we are at number #20280.

It was closed after 11 years and 22 days. It is probably the oldest ticket in the history of the application, which is no longer called intranda Presentation but intranda viewer Goobi viewer.

The widget "Changes to work", which was only available to administrators in the work view, was renamed "Actions" and supplemented with the option of clearing either individual or all caches for the record.


The widget "Downloads", in which additional files for a work can be offered for download, can now also contain an introductory text analogous to the widget "Cite and reuse".


The version of the Mirador integrated in the Goobi viewer has been updated to version 3. If the IIIF manifest is opened for a record or the comparison view is used, it is automatically available there.

Anchor records

Previously, two views were available for anchor records, such as those for multi-volume works or journals: The bibliographic data for the anchor and the table of contents with the volumes contained. The table of contents was always opened automatically.

Both views are merged with this release so that the metadata is displayed in the upper area and the table of contents below.


If a REST API is not documented, it is difficult for external parties to use it. If it is documented and used, questions arise immediately. This is also the case in the Goobi viewer.

This release brings several changes to the REST API. Most notable are the following adjustments:

  1. The endpoint /index/query now also outputs the total number of hits and faceting fields.

  2. The new endpoint /index/fields displays information about the existing Solr fields. This makes it easier to get an overview of the structure and the data stock.


There have been massive performance improvements in the generation of IIIF manifests and in collection listing. Unfortunately, one cannot write much about such issues, but they are absolutely worth mentioning. The generation time for some IIIF manifests could be reduced from 15 to 3 seconds. In collection listing, the effect is especially noticeable if the installation contains many records. The previously used Solr query did not scale with many records. By changing this, the compilation of the collection overview could be reduced from several seconds to a few milliseconds, taking into account the access restrictions.

If the grouping of search hits is used on a CMS page, this must be reset after the update.

Right-to-left reading direction

The XHTML and CSS instructions in the core have been revised to also support themes with a right-to-left reading direction. This change is visible in themes that have Arabic or Hebrew enabled.

Goobi viewer indexer

The Goobi viewer Indexer can now query an external catalogue while indexing a record and index additional bibliographic data. The use case for which this functionality has been developed is LIDO records for museum objects that contain an identifier to a record of descriptive literature. The Indexer then queries the bibliographic data on the record with the help of the given identifier, indexes it and in the Goobi viewer it can then be displayed next to the object. See also the following section in the documentation:


  • In the user menu, the entry "Annotations" only becomes visible as soon as the first annotation has been created.

  • The minimum number of images a record must have in order to display a drop-down menu for direct page selection above the image display is now configurable. See also chapter 1.11.1 in the Goobi viewer Core configuration.

  • It is now possible to switch directly from the full text display to the full screen view. The corresponding tab with the full text is then also displayed directly open.

  • By popular request, the CMS template for an image gallery with text, which the Kassel University Library used to realise a virtual exhibition with the treasures of the special collections, has been incorporated into the Core and is thus available to everyone in the list of CMS templates.

Version numbers

The versions that must be entered in the pom.xml of the theme in order to get the functions described in this digest are:


The Goobi viewer Indexer has the version number 21.02

The Goobi viewer Connector has the version number 21.02

The Goobi viewer Crowdsourcing Module has the version number 21.02

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