Various new features have also been added to the Goobi viewer in March. This month, however, they are mainly to be found under the hood.

We were delighted to hear that the Kassel UB is now represented in the Europeana with its digital copies. Congratulations!



A development of the larger kind has flowed back into the master branch in the context of IIIF. Here the compatibility with the Image API 2.1 was ensured on a high level. At the same time, the Goobi viewer Core always uses IIIF URLs and methods for its image calls. These developments and conversions significantly improve code quality, stability and maintainability.

Web Annotations

Also new is the support for Web Annotations. Comments entered by users for images are now available via the default. It is maintained as an open standard by the W3C Annotation Group ( Single comments, all comments for a page or all comments for a work can be persistently addressed. The support of Web Annotations is another building block for the networking of data in the Digital Hummanities context.

CMS page for glossaries

For Goobi workflow, a new workflow plug-in for managing vocabularies has been developed. In the Goobi viewer there is a new CMS template with which these vocabularies can be displayed as a glossary. For the transfer between Goobi workflow and Goobi viewer, a new REST API endpoint is available. This allows the entire glossary to be transferred fully automatically between the two systems.


Previously, it was necessary for themes for the Goobi viewer to be delivered together with the application as a compiled jar (WebFragment). This system was created when the intranda viewer was released as Open Source and it became necessary to migrate and deliver the individual customer themes in independent Git repositories. This technical dependency was resolved last month. In addition to the previous one, another method is now available that allows the theme to be stored locally in the directory tree. This makes the development and maintenance of the theme itself much easier and more convenient.

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