Goobi viewer Digest for November 2021

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  • Changes to the search algorithm

  • Cookie banner management


As mentioned last month, we would like to work on the search in the coming months. If there is interest in designing and taking over individual positions we would be happy to hear from you!



An overview page of all own comments is now available for logged in users. The new page is linked in the menu and on the profile page. There was a big change "under the hood". The almost ten year old data structure was migrated to WebAnnotations. This means that - analogous to the results from campaigns - they are available in an established standard and can be used as Linked Open Data.

Search algorithm

In November, the first extensive adjustments were made to the search algorithm. From now on, search results that contain the searched word in the title will be weighted more heavily and sorted by relevance further up the list.

Although we can't show a screenshot for this point, it is the item where most work has been done this month.

Sorting the search results

Another change has been made in the area of sorting search results. Here the code has been adjusted in several places.

Apart from a simpler and more intuitive configuration, the default sort field is now also listed in the dropdown menu. There is also the possibility to explicitly display the options "Relevance" and "Random". An improvement in usability is certainly the feature to define your own words in addition to "ascending" and "descending". This is the case by default for sorting by title, where "A-Z" and "Z-A" are displayed alternatively.

Backend: Themes

In the backend there is a new area for the configuration of the installed theme. If there are subthemes, they will be displayed as well. There are a total of four sections available.

In the "General" section, the name of the instance and images such as a logo or favicon can be stored. The name and logo are usually displayed in the header of the page.

In the second section "Quick CSS" you can enter your own CSS that overwrites the information from the core and the theme.

Under "Social Media" user names of internet services can be entered. As soon as a username is entered and saved, a corresponding icon is rendered in the theme with a link to the profile. I

n the fourth section "Footer" links to contact, imprint and privacy policy can be specified. These links may overwrite existing default values.

Goobi viewer Indexer

A new caching of standards data sets within the Goobi view Indexer increases the performance of new indexes and reduces the request load to the corresponding standards data servers. This feature is available automatically and requires no further configuration.

Furthermore, the configuration file has been renamed from solr_indexerconfig.xml to config_indexer.xml.


  • If multiple grouped metadata values are present, an optional sort field can be specified to display them alphabetically in the user interface.

  • Images can no longer be scaled globally by percentage during PDF generation. Alternatively, a box size can be specified to which the files should be scaled proportionally if they are larger than the configured box.

  • The feedback form now contains a consent in the context of DSGVO

Version numbers

The versions that must be entered in the pom.xml of the theme in order to get the functions described in this digest are:


The Goobi viewer Indexer has the version number 21.11.2

The Goobi viewer Crowdsourcing Module has the version number 21.11

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