In May, three customers received an update of the Goobi viewer:

  1. Digital Library Mecklenburg Vorpommern

  2. Digital State Library Berlin

  3. eLiechtensteinensia

We are also proud that the Grimm portal of the University Library Kassel is mentioned in its annual report:

In terms of new features, May has also been a very productive month. The developments in detail:



First steps have been taken to improve the Goobi viewer in the context of search engine optimization. For this purpose, the existing functionality for generating an XML sitemap was extended to the REST interface.

Also new is an automatically generated SiteLinks section, which lists all newly added works per year.

To support Google Scholar, HighWire press tags have been added to the meta tags. In this context, the configuration button to automatically render DublinCore information in the meta tags has been changed so that they are now disabled and give priority to the HighWire Press tags.

There are plans for the coming months to drive further development in the context of search engine optimization.

Languages and multilingualism

We are pleased that the Goobi viewer core has been translated completely into French!

The Goobi viewer can handle multilingual metadata. This means that if several translations are available for a metadata, only the language in which the rest of the interface is currently displayed can be displayed. This functionality has been significantly enhanced so that it is now also available for browsing, faceting and displaying search hits.


A new component has been developed for time faceting. While previously it was only possible to filter after one year, it is now possible to select a period using a slider. Grouping Metadata Metadata can now be displayed grouped in the metadata display. The type attribute known from LIDO Events can be used for this when defining a metadata.


A great innovation is hidden in the CMS backend. The new collection section can be used to define collection names and translations, descriptive texts and translations as well as a representative and optionally a link to a CMS page. This new function has already flowed back into the stable master branch and is available with an update. Under certain circumstances, further specific adjustments may have to be made for customer themes.


  • The generation of IIIF presentation manifests from TEI and CMDI documents has been enhanced to provide even more information.

  • For the Core XHTML files, various image display functionality has been swapped into components and a new viewObject page has been added to include these components. This makes it easier to create not only works, but also object-related pages.

  • URL handling is now completely operating system independent. The Goobi viewer core thus runs under Linux, Mac and Windows without restrictions.

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