Goobi viewer Digest for September 2022

Coming soon

  • Revision of the CMS area
  • Revision of the advanced search


In September we worked a lot on the Coming Soon features. Unfortunately, these are not yet ready for the release, so that this month's digest - also due to the Goobi days - is less extensive.
New, however, is the section "Code analysis", in which we provide information about the release.



The URN resolver can now search URNs for a record in more than one Solr field. For this purpose, any number of fields can now be specified in the configuration file.
In the source code, some preliminary work has been done to better predefine the field selection for the advanced search when calling via URLs.


Under the hood, we swapped the logging framework SLF4J for native Log4j2. Also, for database connectivity, EclipseLink was upgraded from version 2 to version 4, which was accompanied by a major code adjustment due to changed package names (javax -> jakarta).

Goobi viewer Indexer

The SMTP port for sending mail can now be configured individually in the Goobi viewer Indexer.

Code analysis

The following screenshots show the SonarCloud analysis of the current release. More information is available directly on the project page.
SonarCloud Analysis: Goobi viewer Core - for the Git Tag v22.09
SonarCloud Analysis: Goobi viewer Indexer - for the Git Tag v22.09
SonarCloud Analysis: Goobi viewer Connector - for the Git Tag v22.09.1

Version numbers

The versions that must be entered in the pom.xml of the theme in order to get the functions described in this digest are:
The Goobi viewer Indexer has the version number 22.09
The Goobi viewer Crowdsourcing Module has the version number 22.09