Automatic setting of the representative

This is a technical documentation for the plugin to automatically set the representative for the German National Library of Economics Kiel.


This documentation describes how to install, configure and use a plug-in to set the representative within METS files in Goobi.

This plugin can be used to automatically prepare METS files and set the representative of a work.




Source code


GPL 2.0 or newer


Goobi workflow 2.2

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The precondition for using the plugin is the use of Goobi at least version 2.2, the correct installation and configuration of the plugin as well as the correct integration of the plugin into the desired work steps of the workflows.

Installation und Configuration

The plugin consists of two files:


The file plugin_intranda_step_representative-creator.jar contains the program logic and must be installed in the following directory so that the tomcat user can read it:


The file plugin_RepresentativeCreationPlugin.xml must also be readable by the tomcat user and installed into the following directory:


The following file is used to configure the plugin and must be structured as follows:

    <ErrorMessage>Strukturelement zum setzen des Repräsentanten konnte nicht gefunden werden.</ErrorMessage>
    <StepName>Bibliographic import</StepName>

The element RepresentativeStructureElement can be used to define the structural element whose first page is to be used as a representative. This is the internal name of the DocStrctType element defined in the rule set.

The text from ErrorMessage is written to the process log if no structure element with this name was found in the METS file. If the element is missing or empty, no entry is made.

With StepName you can define to which step the operation is to be reversed if the defined structure element is missing. If the element is missing or empty, the error handling functionality can be deactivated. Then there is no correction within the process and the first image of the process is used as a representative in the Goobi viewer. If a step has been defined that does not exist in the process, the plugin remains in the current process.

Settings in Goobi

Once the plugin has been installed and configured, it can be used by Goobi within a workflow step.

To do this, the RepresentativeCreation plugin must be entered within the desired task. The Automatic task checkbox must also be set.


The way the plugin works within the correctly configured workflow is as follows.

  1. If the plugin was called within the workflow, it opens the METS file and first checks whether a representative has already been defined.

  2. If this is the case, the step is completed.

  3. If this is not the case, the system searches for the first structural element that corresponds to the configured name.

  4. The first assigned image of this element is set as the representative.

  5. If no structural element with this name is found or the data record does not contain any structural elements, an error message can be written to the process log and the workflow can be reset to a previous work step.

  6. However, this is only possible if a text has been configured for the error message and the name of the step.

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