Ariadne Import

OPAC plugin for data transfer from Ariadne


This documentation describes the installation, configuration and use of the plugin. With the help of this plugin, data from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ariadne archive portal can be retrieved and transferred to Goobi. The portal has an OAI interface through which the plugin obtains the data in a special EAD Goobi format.
Source code
GPL 2.0 or newer
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The plugin consists of two files:
The files must be installed readable for the user tomcat at the following paths:


In the file goobi_opac.xml the interface to the desired catalogue system must be made known. This is done by an entry that looks like this:
<catalogue title="Ariadne">
<config description="Ariadne EAD" address="" port="80" database="2.1" iktlist="IKTLIST-GBV.xml" ucnf="XPNOFF=1" opacType="Ariadne"/>
The mapping of the metadata takes place in the file plugin_intranda_opac_ariadne.xml.:
<!-- url to the ariadne oai api -->
<!-- must match a title value in the doctype definition in goobi_opac.xml -->
<collection generate="true" prefix="prefix#other prefix#"/>
ruleset: internal metadata name in prefs file
xpath: xpath expression to evaluate
element: element name to evaluate the xpath, possible values are c, did, parentC, parentDid, record
doctype: logical or anchor
xpathType: attribute or element (default)
replace: regular expression to manipulate results
<metadata ruleset="CatalogIDDigital" xpath="./@id" element="c" doctype="logical" xpathType="attribute" replace="\W"/>
<metadata ruleset="TitleDocMain" xpath="./oai:unittitle" element="c" doctype="logical"/>
<metadata ruleset="shelfmarksource" xpath="./oai:unitid[@type='Altsignatur' or not(@type)]" element="did" doctype="logical"/>
In the field <ariadneUrl> the URL to the OAI interface is configured.
The field <doctype> contains the name of the structure element. The name used must be defined in the file goobi_opac.xml. If the collection is to be generated from the EAD document, then it can be configured in the <collection> element. To do this, the generate attribute must be set to true. Within prefix a fixed prefix can be set, which will be prefixed to the collection name. Alternatively, the collection can be defined like a normal metadata.
Metadata is defined within the <metadatalist>. There the repeatable <metadata> element is allowed. This can have the following attributes:
Name of the field in the ruleset
XPath expression with which the value can be found in the EAD document.
Name of the field in which the XPath expression is applied. Allowed are c, did, parentC, parentDid and record.
Defines where the value is entered, possible assignment is logical or anchor.
Determines whether the value is in an attribute or element.
Regular expression to manipulate the found value


A normal OPAC query can now be carried out in Goobi. To do this, the catalogue Ariadne must be selected and the desired identifier entered. Please note that the identifier needs a prefix obj-, e.g. obj-5602376.