Ariadne Import

OPAC plugin for data transfer from Ariadne


This documentation describes the installation, configuration and use of the plugin. With the help of this plugin, data from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ariadne archive portal can be retrieved and transferred to Goobi. The portal has an OAI interface through which the plugin obtains the data in a special EAD Goobi format.


The plugin consists of two files:


The files must be installed readable for the user tomcat at the following paths:



In the file goobi_opac.xml the interface to the desired catalogue system must be made known. This is done by an entry that looks like this:

<catalogue title="Ariadne">
    <config description="Ariadne EAD" address="" port="80" database="2.1" iktlist="IKTLIST-GBV.xml" ucnf="XPNOFF=1" opacType="Ariadne"/>

The mapping of the metadata takes place in the file plugin_intranda_opac_ariadne.xml.:


    <!-- url to the ariadne oai api -->

    <!-- must match a title value in the doctype definition in goobi_opac.xml -->

    <collection generate="true" prefix="prefix#other prefix#"/>

        ruleset: internal metadata name in prefs file
        xpath: xpath expression to evaluate
        element: element name to evaluate the xpath, possible values are c, did, parentC, parentDid, record
        doctype: logical or anchor
        xpathType: attribute or element (default)
        replace: regular expression to manipulate results

        <metadata ruleset="CatalogIDDigital" xpath="./@id" element="c" doctype="logical" xpathType="attribute" replace="\W"/>
        <metadata ruleset="TitleDocMain" xpath="./oai:unittitle" element="c" doctype="logical"/>
        <metadata ruleset="shelfmarksource" xpath="./oai:unitid[@type='Altsignatur' or not(@type)]" element="did" doctype="logical"/>


In the field <ariadneUrl> the URL to the OAI interface is configured.

The field <doctype> contains the name of the structure element. The name used must be defined in the file goobi_opac.xml. If the collection is to be generated from the EAD document, then it can be configured in the <collection> element. To do this, the generate attribute must be set to true. Within prefix a fixed prefix can be set, which will be prefixed to the collection name. Alternatively, the collection can be defined like a normal metadata.

Metadata is defined within the <metadatalist>. There the repeatable <metadata> element is allowed. This can have the following attributes:


A normal OPAC query can now be carried out in Goobi. To do this, the catalogue Ariadne must be selected and the desired identifier entered. Please note that the identifier needs a prefix obj-, e.g. obj-5602376.

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