Generation of placeholder images

This step plugin for Goobi workflow is used to create a defined number of placeholder images within the master folder.


This plugin is used to generate placeholder images within the master folder of a Goobi workflow process. The number of images to be generated can be defined in the user interface.




Source code


GPL 2.0 or newer


Goobi workflow 2020.06




To use the plugin, these two files must be copied to the following locations:


This plugin has no configuration file and is therefore not configurable.

Usage of the plugin

This plugin is integrated into the workflow so that it is available for a selected task. After accepting the task, the user can specify the number of images to be generated by the plugin and confirms this. Immediately afterwards, the plugin generates the defined number of images and stores them within the master folder of the process.

Integration of the plugin into a task

From this moment on, the generated placeholder images exist for the process and can be displayed and replaced in the course of the further workflow.

Display of the placeholder images e.g. within the METS editor