OCR page selection

This is the technical documentation for the Goobi plugin for selecting single pages for OCR execution or non-execution.


This documentation describes the installation, configuration and use of a page selection plugin for downstream OCR processing. This plugin can be used to determine on a single-page basis which images from a process are sent to OCR with which font.




Source code



GPL 2.0 or newer


Goobi workflow 3.0.4 and newer

Documentation date



The precondition for using the plugin is the use of Goobi workflow in version 3.0.4 or higher, the correct installation and configuration of the plugin as well as the correct integration of the plugin into the desired work steps of the workflow. In addition, a plugin is required for the actual OCR process and for merging the results.

Installation and Configuration

The following files must be installed to use the plugin:


The first file is the Java part of the plugin, all following files are needed for the graphical display.

The plugin does not have its own configuration, but reads the default value for all pages from the metadata of the process.

Settings in Goobi

After the plugin has been installed, it can be configured in the user interface in a workflow step.



If the corresponding task was opened by the respective user within which the plugin was configured, the plugin is displayed to the user in the task. After the plugin has been entered, a new view opens in which all images belonging to the process are displayed.

Plugin interface

The current selection (antiqua, fracture, no OCR) is displayed below each image. The preselection is read from the Font Type process property.

Individual images can now be selected here by left-clicking. Multiple selection is possible by Ctrl + click for individual pages and Shift + click for a range of pages.

Multiple selection

If one or more pages are selected, a context menu can be opened by right-clicking on one of the selected pages.

Context menu

Here you can choose between the three options antiqua, fracture and no OCR. Click on one of the three options to apply it to all selected pages.

Updated - no OCR for cover and blank pages

The plugin can be exited by clicking on Exit plugin after successful selection. The plugin will automatically be saved again. The Save button can be used for temporary saving.