4.14. Generating ebooks in EPUB format

The EPUB plugin generates ebooks in EPUB format based on ABBYY XML or ALTO files and the corresponding METS files from Goobi. The plugin uses the formatting, tables and images from the ABBYY files to create an ebook.

Starting the plugin

Ein Beispiel-Aufruf des TaskClients lautet folgendermaßen:

java -jar TaskClient.jar -itm http://localhost:8080/itm/service 
    -d {imagepath}  
    -gid {processid} 
    -n template.xml 
    -s {processpath}/ocr/{processtitle}_xml/ 
    -T {processtitle} 
    -t EPUB 
    -if {tifpath} 
    -mf {metaFile} 
    -amf {processpath}/meta_anchor.xml


The command parameters are explained in the following table:


Possible Goobi variable




URL to intranda TaskManager interface

-e, --returnError


If entered, the TaskClient will end with an error code to prevent the workflow from continuing automatically


0 – 10

Priority to execute this job



Goobi process ID



ID for the workflow step that launches the call

-T, --title


Goobi process title for which the call is launched

-t, --jobtype


Job type

-n, --templatename


This parameter is not used by the plugin.

-s, --source


Path to the folder containing the ABBYY XML files

-d, --destination


Path to the folder in which the ebook is to be stored



Path to the images previously used for text recognition by ABBYY



Path to the METS file in Goobi



Path to the METS file of the anchor in Goobi. This parameter is used only for periodicals.



Optional parameter used to specify a language variant when generating headings such as the index title. If no other language is specified, the default language is English (en).


true / false

Optional parameter to specify whether the work is a book that needs to be processed from right to left (e.g. works in Hebrew). If this parameter is not specified, the default direction is from left to right.

Configuration of the plugin

The configuration path for generating ebooks is shown below:


An example of the structure of this configuration file is given below:

 <jobsInProcessing max="5"/>

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