December 2022

Developments and innovations to Goobi workflow in December 2022


December was marked in the project by the upcoming end of the year: A lot of housekeeping and the attempt to tidy up and finish small things to start with air and a clean desk / project first into the vacations and then also so into the new year. For this reason, there is nothing new to report in the December digest of feature developments. Therefore we want to dare an outlook on what we see for the coming year.


User Interface

For a long time we have been working in the background to change the existing user interface. Many hundreds of hours have already gone into it and the result will look more or less the same as before. However, this work will allow us to work on the surface much easier. Changes no longer have to be made and checked in many individual places, but can be implemented in one central place and then affect all places.

As soon as we are done with this work, we want to work on the usability in the interface. This will cover a number of different areas. Examples are the naming of functionality that should be consistent everywhere or the use of always the same icons for the same action. But also the consistent placement of control elements across the application is part of this, keyword: "Expectability".

Finally, visual redesigns are also part of it. More on this later.


We want to remove the deprecated Command plugins and replace them with the REST API. In addition, the possibilities that are available via the REST API will be massively expanded.

For example, it is planned to give access to functionalities from GoobiScript via REST. This could then, for example, trigger a mass export from scripts or allow the manipulation of metadata in individual processes.

This work should be an impulse to rethink the software architecture as well.

File access

There are many places in the user interface where one can, may, should or would like to access the files of a process. Over the years, various places have been formed here, but they are all rather shortcuts and isolated solutions and a straightforward path is missing. In the coming year, we would like to address this at various levels. We want to collect the places in the user interface where access to the file system is possible and ask ourselves why the functionality is needed at exactly this place. Then we want to design and develop a central way to access the file system and last but not least we want to create a central place in the Java code that will be used for all file operations.

Version number

The current version number of Goobi workflow with this release is: 22.12. Within plugin developments, the following dependency must be entered accordingly for Maven projects within the pom.xml file:


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