October 2019

Developments and innovations to Goobi workflow in October 2019

New REST endpoint for file upload into an operation.

A file can now be copied to one of the image folders of an operation via multipart POST. The endpoint looks like this:

POST https://mygoobi.tld/goobi/api/processes/{processId}/images/{folder}

If {folder} is set to "master", it will be uploaded to the master folder, otherwise to the derivatives folder.


Further SQL performance improvements

Further queries have been optimized.


Release binaries

Travis is now building Goobi releases that will be released on Github.

Support for GLB objects in 3D view

For better performance, GLB objects are now supported in the 3D view of the METS editor.


Performance improvements of the extended dashboard

The extended dashboard has been completely redesigned to offer better performance and fewer bugs.

https://github.com/intranda/goobi/commit/fd739050f8b89d04b7d02d9453f16e47f4f09fdb https://github.com/intranda/goobi/commit/83c5abdb4c7d342b50c7454dd0d55a9e64806334 https://github.com/intranda/goobi/commit/e9c4ffd3027eb37a30d5f20089ae59c3d7916cc2

Another GoobiScript fix

The latest changes to Goobiscript had introduced new bugs that made Goobi unusable in long queues. This has been fixed.


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