4.2.4. Extended METS export options

For various possibilities of the zvdd/DFG-Viewer METS format, no equivalent data are provided in our document model. However, these data are essential for a proper METS export. Setter and getter methods are implemented in the class `ugh.fileformats.mets.MetsModsImportExport for specifying values of the following fields - for further explanations see the zvdd/DFG Viewer METS profile mentioned above:

  • The rightsOwner, rightsOwnerLogo, rightsOwnerSiteURL, digiprovReference, digiprovPresentation, digiprovReferenceAnchor, and digiprovPresentationAnchor attributes set values for the administrative metadata section of the METS file,these are the metadata on the rights holder, author, origin and online presentation - compare chapter "Administrative Metadata Section" in the zvdd/DFG Viewer METS profile.

  • The attribute purlUrl sets the value of a persistent identifier, which is set in the METS file as PURL for the entire work at the corresponding position in the logical StructMap (see "structMap requirement 3: Complex document model").

  • The attribute contentIds, on the other hand, is used to reference the individual pages of the physical structure. Currently it is used as a path to the single file, to which the filename is appended (This feature is still experimental).

  • If a regular expression (in Perl5 syntax) is passed at the end of such a metadata - in the form $REGEXP(s//) - then this regular expression is applied to the entire value before it is transferred to the METS.


For example, if the value http://opac.sub.uni-goettingen.de/DB=1/PPN?PPN=PPN123456789 is passed for the metadata digiprovReference, and if the PPN123456789 comes from a specific metadata field and cannot be influenced in a specific context, http://opac.sub.uni-goettingen.de/DB=1/PPN?PPN=PPN123456789$REGEXP(s/PPN=PPN/PPN/) can be used to remove the PPN before the actual number.

The METS FileGroups passed via VirtualFileGroup require further explanation. Each VirtualFileGroup in the FileSet object of the DigitalDocument is exported as a METS FileGroup as explained in the METS profile's FileSec Requirements 2: File Groups chapter. With the following method


these can be added to the document model. All required values can be set within the VirtualFileGroup object, see the implementation in the source code of the class UghConvert. Authority data

Standards data can be entered in UGH for each metadata and each person. Standard data always consists of the three information: database abbreviation, database URL and value within the database. They can be set with the method ugh.dl.Metadata.setAutorityFile(String authorityID, String authorityURI, String authorityValue).

The METS export then generates the attributes authority, authorityURI and valueURI from the values.

<mods:name type="personal" authority="gnd" authorityURI="http://d-nb.info/gnd/" 
     <mods:namePart>Mann, Monika</mods:namePart>
          <mods:roleTerm type="code" authority="marcrelator">aut</mods:roleTerm>
    <mods:topic authority="gnd" authorityURI="http://d-nb.info/gnd/" 
</mods:subject> Persistent Identifier

The attribute contentIDs of the zvdd/DFG Viewer METS format is automatically generated during METS export if the metadata _urn exists for the structural unit.

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