This term is synonymous with ‘workflow step’. A group of tasks is called a process. Individual users can access only those tasks which they have been authorised to perform.

Task list

This is a list of all pending tasks that need to be carried out. They are listed on the basis of their priority. If necessary, they may be marked with a correction message.

Text field

A blank field in which the user has to enter a text.

Tif header

As a storage format, Tif needs additional information about size, colour depth, the image owner, etc. This information is stored in the Tif header.

Title key (TSL)

The title key is made up as follows (provided that the title contains more than four words): The first four letters of the first word, the first two letters of the second word, the first two letters of the third word and the first letter of the fourth word. If the title contains fewer than four words, the corresponding letters are omitted. The title key is used for periodicals and series since there is no author.

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