Dialogue box

A predefined box that either has to be completed or already contains text that can be changed (e.g. an input box with blank fields that need to be filled in).


The way in which information is presented to the user. In the case of tables, for example, the number of columns may vary and can be partly configured by the user.

Data export

This term is used when exporting data to another technical system (e.g. the DMS).

Data import

This term is used when importing data from another technical system (e.g. the DMS).


A second version or copy of an image, i.e. not the original. While the image remains the same, properties such as the resolution, format and colour depth may have changed.

Digitised material

Digitised form of a work (e.g. images, full text and metadata)


Document Management System. This is a technical system in which the digitised material can be made available for public use together with the corresponding structure data and metadata.

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