6.8.3 Example configuration for Goobi workflow

In order to configure a license in Goobi workflow, a metadata must first exist for it.

This metadata must then be activated in all structure elements that are potentially to be assigned an access license. As a rule, document types such as monographs, periodicals, maps, etc. are the most suitable. However, it can also make sense for substructure elements if, for example, a periodicals is to be blocked but an article from it is to be released as Open Access. It is important not to allow the metadata more than once.

<language name="de">Zugriffslizenz</language>
<language name="en">License</language>
<metadata num="1o">AccessLicense</metadata>
<WriteXPath>./mods:mods/#mods:accessCondition[@type='use and reproduction']</WriteXPath>

To prevent Goobi workflow from displaying a free text field in the metadata editor for the access license in the Goobi workflow and thus potentially entering different spellings of the same value that are prone to errors, a drop-down menu with possible values can be defined in the goobi_metadataDisplayRules.xml:

<select1 ref="AccessLicense">
<item selected="true">
<label>Open Access</label>
<item selected="false">
<item selected="false">
<item selected="false">
<label>Virtueller Campus</label>

We recommend that the internal values of the access restrictions have a descriptive prefix as in the license_ example. This makes it easier to assign them later in the Goobi viewer backend.