6.13.4 Goobi viewer: Show individual collections

Configuration Goobi viewer Indexer

First, the exported collections must be written to a separate field within the Solr Index. Therefore the following field definition must be added to the configuration file solr_indexerconfig.xml:


Configuration Goobi viewer Core

This field must now be configured instead of the usual DC field in the local config_viewer.xml. For example:

<!-- Show MD2_DC_VIEWER2 instead of DC as collection field at the metadata page -->
<template name="_DEFAULT">
<metadata label="MD2_DC_VIEWER2" value="">
<param type="translatedfield" key="MD2_DC_VIEWER2_UNTOKENIZED" />
<!-- Use MD2_DC_VIEWER2 instead of DC for faceting and in advanced search -->
<field initialElementNumber="3">YEAR</field>
<hierarchicalField initialElementNumber="3">MD2_DC_VIEWER2</hierarchicalField>
<field initialElementNumber="3">DOCSTRCT_TOP</field>
<field initialElementNumber="3">DOCSTRCT_SUB</field>
<field initialElementNumber="3" sortOrder="alphabetical_asc">MD_PLACEPUBLISH</field>
<field hierarchical="true">MD2_DC_VIEWER2</field>
<field untokenizeForPhraseSearch="true">MD_SHELFMARK</field>
<!-- Additional configuration such as for the breadcrumbs for MD_DC_VIEWER2 -->
<collection field="MD2_DC_VIEWER2">

In addition, the field name must of course be translated in the messages files accordingly. For example:


CMS collection page

To display a collection page with its own tree, a new CMS page based on the template "Collection display" must now be created, configured, linked as an overwritten static page and in the menu in the Goobi viewer backend:

Creation of a new CMS page based on the template "Collection display".
The CMS page is configured and published as desired.
The new CMS page is defined as a static page for the collections.
The CMS page is linked in the menu